There was a song around in the 80’s called “Touch”.  The rock group who performed it, “Noiseworks”, exerted a lot of energy in calling on the listener to ‘reach out and touch somebody’, as if it’s the most important thing you can do for one another.

We can touch others by our kindness and concern, or by our understanding, our sincerity or our actions.  Yet the greatest touch of all is that of the physical.

The touch when we shake hands may well be part of a formal introduction, but it can say so much about who we are.  The touch on the arm of a friend in need of support; the gentle touch that surrounds a loving hug and the coolness of a caring hand on an aching head, all say much more than words.

There may well be electricity generated when two people touch.  However, this can’t be compared to the feelings of assurance and support obtained when a touch is given by someone who may not even understand your problem but reaches out to support you.

As the song calls on us to reach out and touch somebody, let’s spend more time cuddling our kids and our loved ones.  Just holding hands with a loving partner will touch not only our hearts, but the lives we’ve been called to share together.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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