P1020088Just as there are no two leaves or flowers alike throughout the world, there are no two people alike. Everyone is a unique person with personality and temperament different from anyone else.

Physical characteristics differ between people and races and there are not two sets of fingerprints the same.

Because we’re human, we sometimes try to be someone other than ourselves. We spend, often beyond our means, to keep up with the Jones’ (as the saying goes). We also try to impress others or to attempt to change, in their minds, their opinion of who we really are.

There is nothing wrong with us trying to improve ourselves, but life has enough problems for us to confront without us having to constantly live out the lie of trying to be someone we’re not.

Anyway in the long run, our true self will always shine through and we’ll realise we’ve probably only been fooling ourselves with our airs and graces.

It’s a lot more comfortable and a lot less stressful being ourselves, because after all, we are unique people.

Peter Mack

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