You will see signs around at Christmas time stating that ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’.

It does not hurt us to stop occasionally, during our exhausting shopping excursions and party preparations, to think a little about the gift we were given on that first Christmas.

Jesus came that we should have life. Not just the life we know here on earth, but an everlasting life that extends beyond our earthly death.

Some of us do not like thinking of death. It is easy to get frightened about the thought of facing our maker and often we prefer to avoid the issue, whenever the subject is raised.

Yet, when we think about it, we are born to live and Jesus was the only person who was ever born into this world with the express purpose of dying.

When Christmas comes around each year, maybe we could take time out to think about the little baby lying in the arms of Mary and Joseph in the stable in Bethlehem and celebrate the gift of life, of the eternal variety.

Peter Mack

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