On winter mornings, people late for the train often park their cars in a hurry and forget to turn off the headlights.

By the time they return from work in the evening, the battery is flat and of course the car will not start.

Sometimes we can find a similar situation occurring within our own body. As we rush around from one crisis to another we sometimes forget we need to switch off from the world occasionally in order to maintain our inner power supply.

It is so easy to forget our human batteries will fail to support us unless we keep them topped up with God’s grace.

If we want the light of Jesus Christ within us to keep our motors running smoothly and to shine for all those we meet, we must ensure we give our God the opportunity to keep us in good working order.

If our spiritual battery is actin’ up ornery, it is no good hollerin’ for a marshall. However, a short chat to the source of all our power will soon get us under way again.

By the way, there is no call out or after hours charge for this special service.

Peter Mack

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