BoofThere is always one puppy in the litter which is different to the others.

Maybe it is a bit ugly or clumsy, but whatever the reason, it usually gets shunned by the others and is forced to fend for itself at an early age.

Such a puppy was our family pet, whom we called Boof. His name was short for Boofhead, which seemed appropriate at the time as all the other puppies went to good homes, but no one wanted to buy him and we couldn’t even give him away.

As it turned out we got to love Boof because he was different. We kept him ourselves and he became a loyal and dedicated family pet.

Jesus was a radical sort of a bloke. He was different because he failed to conform with many of the accepted issues of His day. He wanted us to love our neighbour instead of seeking revenge and to rely on a Heavenly Father, instead of ourselves and our own ability.

He was rejected by many, deserted by his friends and eventually killed for his beliefs. For those who are prepared to stick with Him He, like Boof, proves to be very loving and loyal.

I am glad we kept our dog and I am also very glad we have stuck with Jesus.

Peter Mack

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