Breathtaking 2Occasionally in our life, situations occur which have the capacity to literally, take our breath away.

It could be a moment of total peace, when we watch in awe as the sun pierces the early morning mist to announce a new morning.

Maybe we might be confronted by a scene so horrific, we can not even bear to think about it years later, without experiencing a cold clammy feeling all over.

If we had been present at the tomb on that first Easter Sunday morning and were able to experience the wonder and magnificence of Jesus rising in majesty, I am sure that scene would have taken our breath away.

Even as we celebrate the new life of Easter by giving each other eggs, it is quite humbling to realise that by rising from the dead, Jesus brought life back to us. A life that promises an eternity of happiness, if we can only believe in Him and accept Him in our world.

That sure takes my breath away!

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith

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