I think it might be about time we stopped our busy life for a bit and got down to some serious thinking.

If we really believe there will be nothing after death, then I believe we’re kidding ourselves, and what’s more I think we might be in for a big shock.

Simply put, we instinctively know the difference between good and evil and we are able to choose which path in life we follow.

Many of us find it difficult to recognise that God exists in our busy world. Many have a deep-seated belief, but see the issue as being too complex to get concerned about. Maybe we might be a bit frightened to think too deeply!

Maybe we think God couldn’t possibly love us because of some misdemeanours in our past or maybe we blame God for something that has happened in our life that has left us scarred.

Whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time we get around to facing reality. Yes! Jesus did exist. He suffered and died that we might have eternal life. Because he rose from the dead, he lives within each one of us. He wants us to see Him as a friend who will walk with us through the good and the bad times.

Let‘s reach out and allow our God to embrace us just as we are, with all our problems and failings. Let’s feel free to allow our God to walk with us on the rest of our journey through life.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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