It is time we stopped mucking around in our life and got down to some serious thinking.

If we really believe there will be nothing after death, then we are kidding ourselves and what is more we are in for a big shock.

We instinctively know the difference between good and evil and we are able to choose which path in life we follow. Surely, if we choose good, there must be some reward awaiting us. If we choose evil, we must expect to pay a price.

Many of us do not give much time to recognising God exists in our busy world. Many believe deep down, but see the issue as too complex to get concerned about. It is often one of those things we say we will get around to one day. Maybe we are a bit frightened to think too deeply!

Perhaps it is time we came to grips with reality. Yes! there is a God who wants so much to be seen as a friend. Someone who walks with us through the good and the bad times. Someone who wants us to seek forgiveness for our past indiscretions be accepted as part of our life.

We should not leave it until tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late. We should do it now. We need to stop and remember the Jesus who died for each one of us so we might have eternal life.

Let us reach out and allow our God to embrace us just as we are, with all our problems and failings. In humility we can say we are sorry and resolve that only with God’s help can we face up to the rest of our life.

Peter Mack

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