Christmas Reality


CandlesChristmas, that time of the year when we wish peace on earth and goodwill to all people. But let us look at the reality of the season as it is seen today.

Christmas to many, is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ, whose humble beginnings belied the pain and suffering He would endure for us all later in his life.

Today, in among the plastic cribs of the supermarket’s advertising and the twinkling lights of the big store’s Christmas trees, many people are hurting.

It is not easy for some trying to survive in the ‘lucky country’ these days and many turn to drugs and alcohol to obliterate the pain, to wipe out the memories and to enjoy for a short time the blissful stupor of nothingness. However, when it all wears off in the morning, the hangover only adds to the pain.

Jesus told us ‘He is the way, the truth and the light’. We need to have the courage to accept the challenge of turning to Jesus, rather than the bottle or the needle.

When those around us treat Christmas as an excuse to write themselves off, we need to see the season for what it is, the birthday of the only one who can save the world from destroying itself.

It is a sobering thought!

Peter Mack

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