Coincidences 3It is not coincidence that the sun rises and sets each day, or that the stars become visible at night.  And it is not coincidence that we live and breathe and survive from day to day.

We accept these situations, like many others in our lives, because they are real.

There can also be times when our God reaches out and touches us in some inexplicable, yet special way and we find it We tend to shrug our shoulders and see our special little miracle as a coincidence and generally don’t even bother to think any more of the event.

If we call all the interesting happenings in our life coincidences, then let’s pray that they keep happening for us.  But more importantly, let’s believe there is a God out there who loves us and makes our coincidences happen.

So, when next we have something special occur in our lives, we should try and see it as the hand of God touching us, rather than just another coincidence.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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