Sometimes, when we find we have so many problems surrounding us, it is easy to feel that God has somehow deserted us.

This is the same God who, supposedly, has promised to  always be with us. Yert so often we can feel we have nowhere to turn and there is no one who can solve our problems but ourselves.

We hurt, we cry, and in frustration, we often scream and shout – but it seems all to no avail. In our consciousness there is no sign of the God who has promised to help us.

In the rough times it can be hard to recognise our God, but the presence is always there. It can be found in the tears of the friend who cries with us, or the neighbour who just sits and listens. It is also there in the warmth of a mate’s hand on your shoulder or the hurriedly picked flower proffered by a loving child.

Our God is the distant pin prick of light that is often our only hope in the darkness of our desolation.

We should not expect earth shattering miracles to solve all our problems. When the going gets tough we can always look for our God in the love we are given through others.

Peter Mack

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