Dream 2They certainly do not feature in the entertainment section of the newspapers and they are not a subject for a reviewer’s pen. Yet all across the land each sleeping hour some of the greatest theatre is being enacted.

Whether we realise it or not, we all dream and our dreams are a way for our sub-conscious self to relate to us about our life and our actions.

We should not expect other people to interpret our dreams because only we know how we relate to our own unique symbolism and mind pictures that are the format of our dreams.

One thing we need to do with our dreams is to ensure we ‘honour’ them. After a dream that indicates we may need to resolve a problem, we should ‘honour’ that dream by taking action that will address the issue in a positive way.

I believe God takes the opportunity to talk to us through our dreams. This is probably because we tend to keep ourselves busy and rarely seem to giveĀ God a chance to get through to us in our awake hours.

If our God is calling us to come back to him, then we should not cast the message aside as ‘just a dream’.

We need not be afraid of a God who loves us and we should not be afraid to honour our dreams.

Peter Mack

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