Everyone has to face death during their lifetime!

Dealing with death is never easy, particularly when it involves someone very close to us. The experience can sometimes be shattering and often affect us for years after the event.

However, many of us seem to think we are bullet proof and immune from serious accident or instant death. We tend to think it can never happen to us – only to someone else.

We even consider death to be a subject that, not only should not be discussed, but also should not even be thought about.

The mere mention of death often labels us as being morbid, yet our movie and television screens constantly serve us up programs where people seem to delight in destroying each other. It would appear our brains have been conditioned to accept it is OK as long as it is the baddies who get the chop.

While dates and times for the end of this world are continually being given to us by crystal ball gazers Jesus told us we will not know the day or the hour when we will meet our God face to face. Maybe we should take the time to think about how well prepared we really are for such a meeting.

Maybe we should pray as if our life depends on it – And perhaps it does!

Peter Mack

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