Fair Dinkum

Fair Dinkum 3When you’re not sure how to help a mate when you think he’s goin’ off the rails, things are pretty crook.

Aw, strewth! there I go being judgemental again. Crikey! who am I to determine whether anyone is on or off the rails?

Maybe God is working through my mate in ways I can’t imagine. Perhaps through his actions, others could be strengthening their Faith or learning to love more.

Blimey Teddy! Maybe my understanding of my mate’s behaviour is clouded by human weaknesses of my own.

Well Lord, you know I’m really fair dinkum and I’m wondering how I should pray for my mates. – I know! I’ll pray that they’ll be the people you want them to be, rather than the people I think they should be.

Crumbs! That sure makes it so much easier. Now instead of being so judgemental, I can concentrate on looking for you in all those mates for whom I want to pray.

Strewth! I can be a mug sometimes. But then you know that, don’t you? I really wonder why you persist with me at times?

You’ve got to be a top bloke to love us like you do!

Peter Mack

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