ForgiveOne of the burdens we often cart around with us for years, is an inability to forgive someone for a hurt they have done us in the past.

The situation is generally quite clear and there is usually no argument about the seriousness of what happened, or that we were severely wronged.

It seems we have difficulty just forgiving and forgeting at will, nor can we demand others forgive us. We can only humbly come before our God and ask to be given the ‘power’ to forgive those who have wronged us.

When we are able to rid ourselves of the burden of being unable to forgive, there is a great weight taken from our heart. There comes a peace which fills that void and it allows us to feel a freedom we have not known for a long time.

Before Jesus died, He forgave His persecutors. We must learn to do the same. In our prayers we need to ask for the gift to enable us to genuinely forgive our individual enemies.

Forgiving others allows us to enjoy the elation and freedom of soul that comes as the chains that have bound us in the past just fall away.

Peter Mack

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