Guilt 3Sometimes in a moment of weakness, we give in to temptation and then find ourselves with a heavy heart, weighed down with guilt.

We tend to rethink the distasteful period of the temptation, knowing that our actions would probably be entirely different, if given the opportunity to relive the situation.

Nevertheless, the deed has been done and we are left with a burden of guilt, which does not seem to want to go away.

We can try hiding it or denying it, or even attempt to write it off lightly to ourselves. However, to really solve the problem and remove the guilt, we need to find the freedom of forgiveness.

If we have hurt someone, we must find a way of making amends and then we can humbly confess our sin to the God of our creation. To the Son, who has already suffered and died for our sins and to the Spirit who replaces our guilt with the peace and joy of forgiveness.

Being human means we make mistakes, but I am sure the efforts we make to keep on the straight and narrow will be to our advantage when we face our individual final judgements.

Peter Mack

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