HandsThe cry rang out, “Give us a hand mate” and immediately help was on the way.

It is interesting how the word, ‘hand’ has so many different meanings and can be used in many ways.

Clocks have hands, card players play their hands and bananas grow on hands, while we applaud a performance by putting our hands together. We measure horses by their number of hands high and workers on country properties are often referred to as station hands.

To help someone by carrying a load for them, we must first reach out our hands to them. In giving directions we point to the way with our hands and fingers, and we use our hands in talking with those who are deaf.

Trained hands can manipulate muscles and operate delicate pieces of equipment, while loving hands can gently touch and reassure.

Hands can also be used to push others away from helping us. Hands can be clenched and become fists to punch and hurt and they are often used to point at and accuse others.

Jesus reached out His hands on the cross on Calvary and died for us. When we are needed to reach out to others and give them ‘a hand’, lets ensure our hands are open and not closed.

Peter Mack

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