It is strange how often we come across situations that appear to be so complex it’s impossible for them to be resolved in human terms. There seems to be no answer that might solve the problem.  We tend to lose hope and with it comes frustration and despair.

It is strange how we often get to the point where it seems humanly impossible to proceed any further and then it dawns on us to pray for help.  I guess, it has happened to us all from time to time.

Prayer can be a bit like an all-risks insurance policy.  By making regular contributions we are covered in the event of loss or damage.  We can call on our insurer to make good the company’s promises and we can feel secure we are being protected.

For instance, if we have a Home and Contents insurance policy on our home and our house gets burgled, unless our policy is current, it is almost impossible to make an insurance claim against a lapsed policy.

A prayer or two each day keeps us in touch with the biggest insurance agent in the business.  Call now for a free personalised 24 hour service policy with no annoying forms to complete.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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