Holidays 2For some, their annual holidays provide them the opportunity to turn off from their usual occupation and wear themselves out enjoying themselves. So much so that sometimes they even look forward to going back to work for a rest.

We should try and be sensible about holidays and consider our body’s need for rest and recuperation.

For some of us, holidays may well involve a complete change in life style should we choose to do things such as camping or touring. Others may use the time to get to meet all their long lost relatives or even travel the world.

Whatever our choice, holidays can be a good opportunity to consider some of those things we haven’t been able to give much time to during our busy year.

We can’t keep locking God out of our lives on the pretext that we are too busy, or that we’ll get around to working on it someday.  Our holidays can give us the time and the opportunity of questioning where we are going, not just in this life, but in the next.

Making our God more real in our world will not necessarily allow us to lie back and relax for the rest of our lives, but it will allow us to face the future with a friend.

Peter Mack

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