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Inside Story 2During our lives we often visit unknown places and there is usually a feeling of expectancy, or even excitement, at what we will find when we reach our destination.

Have you ever gone looking for God? I’m sure some of us would stand gazing at the heavens in our search. Others would argue, because you can not see or touch something like God, the exercise would be fruitless.

Some find it easy to see God in other people’s kindness and caring. But many of us find it extremely difficult to find God in ourselves.

What we need to do occasionally is to find the time to seek out a quiet place where we can shut out the distractions of this world for a short while.

Then we can go on a personal journey of discovery beyond our human skin and bone to the centre of our very being. For tucked away deep inside each one of us is the warm glow of our maker’s presence. Here is the Spirit Jesus said would be with us for all time.

When He made this statement Jesus did not mean He would be hovering above us in the clouds or around about us somewhere. If He meant what he said, then His Spirit is alive within each one of us. And who would want to argue with God?

When we travel the inner road within ourselves, only then will we find this to be the most rewarding journey of our lives.

Peter Mack

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