Jesus The Man


We are all born for the purpose of living, yet Jesus was born for the express purpose of dying. Fortunately for us, he lived long enough to give us the messages we need to survive in this life and obtain eternal life in the next.

He gathered around Him just ordinary people like us, with whom He asked to follow Him and who, with God’s continuing help, spread the message of the Gospel to us and to all nations.

He rebelled against the restrictive practices of the Jewish law and made Himself unpopular with the ruling classes because of this. He was not the almighty conqueror the Jews envisaged the messiah would be. One who freed them from the clutches of the Roman Empire.

He spoke of loving one another as equals and taught us how to pray. We were urged to forgive and to help those less fortunate. He forgave easily and taught us to love rather than condemn.

He spoke of His kingdom which was not of this world and of a Father in heaven who only has love to give us. He told us to come to the Father through Him and to support our efforts, He promised He would be with us for all time.

He used simple stories to help us understand His messages and shied away from popularity. Yet, He was seen as a threat by the High Priests and His simple life was terminated at the age of 33.

After His death and miraculous resurrection, Jesus the Man, for us, became Jesus the Christ. The night before He died Jesus had nothing more to give His Disciples, so he reached out to them and gave them Himself.

Each morning as we wake, Jesus reaches out to us. He wants us to take His hand as a child would take the hand of an adult. He wants us to trust Him in everything we do, say and experience during our day.

If we are prepared to take His hand, we become one with Him, as He is one with The Father and the Holy Spirit. We become an integral part of the Divine Presence, so we can be Christ to all we meet during our day.

The Disciples reached out and took what Jesus was offering them. “This is my body, this is my blood,” he said. So too, Jesus the Christ is offering Himself to us each morning we wake. As we take His hand, this is our communion with Him.

If we search the world for a meaning to life, we can find it in the symbol of the cross.  For Jesus came that we should have life and He died to ensure our life in this world extended into eternity. Let us grasp firmly the hand being offered each day, that comes with love from The Father and support from the Holy Spirit.

I’m Pete and that’s faith.

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