Judas is always depicted as the great sinner.  The one who betrayed Jesus.

Its only very rare that children, or even our family pets, get called Judas.  It’s the sort of name that tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth after you have said it.

So, Judas disagreed with the way Jesus was going about setting up His kingdom!  Surely, that’s a typical human reaction.

I wonder how we would react if we found ourselves caught up in an organisation led by a bearded, long-haired radical, who dined with known criminals and had a group of unemployed followers traipsing around the country side with him preaching peace and good will to all.

Judas didn’t quite understand Jesus, so He gave up on the relationship and, betrayed Him to the authorities.  For this he was given 30 pieces of silver.

I really don’t think Judas felt his action would result in the death of Jesus.  When he learned the horrible truth, the money meant nothing and it is said he was so demented, he went out and hung himself.

Every time we sin, we too betray the Jesus who loves us.  The sins of us all put Jesus on the cross, not just Judas’ betrayal.

Maybe it feels comfortable to blame Judas for what, in varying degrees, we are all responsible.

Let us be thankful The Father sent us a loving and forgiving Jesus who loves us all.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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