During the stormy season we occasionally experience periods when we are without electricity.

We fumble for candles, matches and torch batteries in our darkened homes and often have to break out the gas camping stove to prepare a meal.

Meanwhile, out on the roads, drivers are carefully negotiating intersections normally controlled by traffic lights and emergency services are operating using petrol driven generators.

We often fail to realise how much we rely on electricity in our lives.  Normally we just flick a switch and think nothing of it.  Often, it is only when we are forced to go without those things to which we have grown accustomed, that we appreciate their worth.

If we have been living with our God switched off, then we need to invite the Jesus, who came to show us the way to the father, into our hearts, to light up our lives.  He is the light of the world and storms or mechanical failure will never extinguish His light.

If we switch on His light today, we will never again be afraid of the dark.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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