In this world we are surrounded by mysterious events and we spend a lot of time researching and looking for scientific answers to unexplained happenings. It seems many of us refuse to believe until something is categorically proven.  And even then, we might continue to have doubts.

Are there really flying saucers? Does a full moon exert an influence on our personalities? Does the abominable snowman exist? Why do ships and people disappear within the Bermuda triangle? Issues such as these exercise the minds of many, while others write-off unusual events as coincidences, or things they can’t understand.

Today, people throughout the world have claimed they have been healed through prayer and divine intervention and whether we believe it or not is probably of no great consequence.  However, seeing is often the reason for believing. When we see what appears to be an unexplained miracle, we should praise and thank our God for what has occurred.

It is often the little miracles that we fail to recognise. We can pray for someone to be healed and because the healing doesn’t happen instantaneously, we miss seeing the changes in circumstances that are having a positive effect on the sick person’s wellness. As we keep praying, over time these little miracles often continue to happen.

What is important, is that we realise there is a God who made us and cares for us and will listen to our calls for help.

Only in Heaven will all the answers be found to what in this life is considered myth, mystery, miracle or coincidence.  Our task is to make sure we get there. 

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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