What’s in a name?…. If we can take any notice of Government Authorities, we would probably find names are not as important as numbers.

Our Tax-file number, Credit card number, Medical benefits number and Payroll number are but a few of the numerical identifying processes under which we live.  We all have pin numbers, street numbers and the number we take while waiting to be served.

Government policy has adopted the anti-Christian lobby’s claim that people are not comfortable having their first names referred to as Christian names.  So, our Christian names have now become ‘other’ names, a more comfortable neutral title for some.

Fortunately, we still greet each other by name.  Thankfully, neither modern technology nor Government intervention has yet dictated we should lose our individual identity altogether.

The heavenly computer does not seem to operate on a number system, which must make it rather unique.  The Good Book tells us God has carved our name on the palm of His hand, that He has created us in His own image and that He calls us by name.

If our God has so much intimate knowledge about us, we should ask ourselves why we often keep running away from Him when inwardly we hear Him calling us?

If today we should hear His call, he will call us by name, not by number. 

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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