Railway to Heaven

Have you ever noticed how most of our railway track is layed on as even a surface as possible.  To achieve this, hills are bulldozed, bridges built  and valleys are filled up to keep the track as level as possible.

However, as we travel along life’s railway, it seems we will always be confronted by hills and valleys, the highs and lows in our existence.

If we can only maintain our believe in God and trust Him to smooth out our way, then much of our anxiety will disappear.  We will find the valleys in our lives will not leave us desperate, and the hills of elation will not come crashing down around us when ecstasy abates.

Knowing where the railway is taking us is always an important part of the journey, because looking forward to reaching our destination can make the trip so much easier to enjoy.

The last line of the original hymn converted into a bluegrass country gospel song, Life’s Railroad to Heaven, tells of the greeting our God will give us at the end of our journey. “Weary pilgrim, welcome home”.

Jesus himself is the driver of our train.  It is called “The Spirit of Progress”.  He has travelled this line before in visiting His Father, so he knows the way and can be trusted to follow the right track.

The tickets are free and can be obtained from our local church communities, so why not join me on life’s railway to Heaven?  There is a seat by the window waiting just for you, but I can’t promise the whole journey will be comfortable, as there is still a lot of work left to be done on the track.

The signals are green. Why not jump aboard now? It would be such a shame if you missed the last train. 

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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