Jesus! as your cross was placed in position on the hill of Calvary, your feet were lifted up from the earth. No more would they walk among your people.

From that moment our feet were required to become your feet. We were to be your Church. We had to accept the responsibility of taking your Gospel to all Nations.

Your outstretched arms told us to embrace the world and to love one another as you had loved us.

Jesus, it’s not easy following you in your footsteps. Sometimes in satisfying our own personal needs we even forget what our responsibilities are to others.

We often walk through life with such a selfish attitude, we don’t even want you to intrude into our quest for money, power or greed.

Whenever we put on our shoes each morning, help us Lord to remember to try and walk through our day as you would, if you were in our shoes.

But then you are, aren’t you?… Isn’t it true that all shoes have souls?

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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