Show Time


Some people can not handle being among noise and crowds, so they deliberately keep away from their local Agricultural Show.

For others, the Show offers the challenge of competition or the opportunity to meet friends and look at beautiful animals and generally enjoy themselves. The show also provides the chance for some to promote sales of their products, or just a time to enjoy themselves.

For many kids, the Show is just one big fun park. While for Mums and Dads with youngsters, it can be a time for headaches, sore feet and severe reductions in bank balances.

For those who visit the Show and take the time to look closely at the young calves, puppies and newly hatched chicks, you can not help but come away feeling you have witnessed at close quarters the miracle of creation.

Jesus came that we should have life. So whatever the Show means to us, we should enjoy it and know that our friend, the Spirit of Jesus, is in there enjoying it with us.

Peter Mack

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