Sometimes I think we can get a little frightened about the different forms of religion that exist in our society, because we think by showing an interest, we might be lead into a situation we are not quite sure about.

We can be overawed by the strength of faith some people display and feel it would be difficult to relate to them without feeling inferior and even unworthy. We can be scared of our vulnerability and feel threatened by our lack of knowledge and what we see as perhaps the serious indiscretions in our past.

Yet, behind all our worries and efforts to live out our life, we know instinctively there is someone or something overlooking what we are doing and is calling us to recognise the existence of a higher being.

Jesus, who proved he was God by dying on a cross and then rising from the dead, wants us all to accept Him into our everyday lives on a personal basis.

We don’t need to be a fervent religious person, or even a regular church goer. We just need to stop for a moment and with a quiet, yet simple request, invite Jesus to come into our heart and be part of our life.

Jesus told us we must all become as children if we are to enter heaven. A child just looks and calls Mum or Dad and instantly their needs are attended to.  So too, our Father in heaven will attend to any simple call for help we might make.

But first, we need to recognise our God exists. Let’s not be frightened.  All we need do is just come to Him as we are, for that is how He loves us and wants to be a part of our life.

Our acceptance is the basis for our faith. The religion or spiritual group we choose is merely to assist us maintain the gift of faith our God has given us.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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