The Company

When you apply for a job your prospective employer seeks information about your qualifications and previous relevant experience!

You are often asked to submit a written application based on specific selection criteria, along with a list of referees who can vouch for your ability and personal qualities.

Then comes the interview process, the assessment and the eventual selection of the lucky applicant.

It is interesting that in setting up His Church, the approach Jesus took was to reach out in faith to some humble fishermen and ask them to follow Him.  The process may seem primitive, but it was obviously successful as the organisation still exists today.

Simply put, it would seem all we have to do is follow Him to obtain a permanent position in His organisation.

The salary is relatively low and the work is definitely not for slackers, but the long-term retirement benefits have a lot going for them.  Whatever way you look at it, obtaining this position has got to be a positive career move.

We should seriously consider putting in an application for a permanent position in The Company today.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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