The Magi

Wise menThe wise men from the East were ‘wise’ because they asked questions – important questions that concerned life.

They went in search of the newly born King who would give meaning and purpose to their lives.

But the three wise men went beyond just asking questions, they committed themselves to looking for the answers.

The wise men were guided by a star, by a beacon, a sign of hope. They looked for answers in the ancient Scriptures, and they found their King.

What about us?…Maybe we should question which lights we should choose as our guides and who, or what, are the stars that we follow today.

Do we think of searching for the answers to our vital questions in the Scriptures?

The Bible has the answers to guide us along the right pathway in this life. It will also help us become the stars that will lead others on their journey to find the King.

To ensure we keep on the right track, maybe we could do well to let the actions of the wise in the past, guide us on our individual journeys today.

Peter Mack

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