Wedding Day

The professional photographer was watching the image on the rear of his digital camera. The young couple were seemingly oblivious to the photographer’s intrusion during this private moment together in the midst of a busy and exciting wedding day.

The photographer wondered what they were saying to each other as he clicked off a shot, then moved to reposition himself so the sun formed a halo behind the heads of the couple.

Over the years he had heard many different conversations between brides and grooms in the period between ceremony and celebration.

For many this day is planned in the finest detail and can involve considerable expense and worry. So finely tuned are the strategic plans for their special day that the weather, arguments with relations, or even a veil that refuses to sit right, are sometimes seen as major upsets that can affect the whole wedding day,

The photographer can tell when a couple are moved by the significance of the promises they have made to each other.  The lens can easily capture the beauty and simplicity of a serious commitment. However, the photographer often requires a number of poses and retakes when the major concern of the couple is for the day and the success of the event, rather than the significance of what the day represents.

Jesus must have thought marriage was important. It was at a wedding He chose to perform His first public miracle.

A wedding day should be seen as the beginning of a lifetime of commitment and unconditional love. Let’s make sure we get the picture right.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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