The Cry of the Child

                                        Cry of the child 1  If you listen to your heart you can hear their cry

                                            Some will survive, some will die.

                                            The world’s orphan children need us to hear

                                            They live in danger, they survive in fear.

Cry of the child 1

                                           Who will answer their cries in the night?

                                           No love at home, no love in sight.

                                           Here in Australia we can answer their call

                                           For we stand strong, we stand tall.

                                            Lucky us, to whom much has been given

                                            It’s easy going, it’s easy livin’.

                                            The Good Book says that much will be expected

                                            From those who are safe and those protected.

 Cry of the child 2

Let us reach out to orphan children in need

Help them live, help them succeed.

We can give them hope, with no fear of failure

Give them love, love from Australia.

Please consider joining the volunteers in Humanitarian Projects International Inc. Membership is free.                                               

Go to [email protected]

for information.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s how it is.

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