Big Mack


I presented a Christian radio programme on radio station 4OUR in the 90’s called “The Living Years” 

This poem was written by Mike Smith and can be sung to the tune of “Big John”


Every Sunday at the station you could see him arrive,

Stood six foot one, weighed one ninety five.

Kinda broad in perspective, had a positive stance,

Said everyone deserves at least a second chance.

Big Mack……Big Pete Mack


Had a Bible at his shoulder, never carried a chip,

He said, put down the stones, help the ones who slip.

When it comes down to faith it’s not much of a test,

He just reckons the Man on the top floor knows best.

Big Mack……Big Pete Mack


He’s got positive news and that’s a definite plus,

Got redemption plastered on the back of a bus.

Doesn’t talk about failure, doesn’t preach about sin,

Just some simple reflections on the life we’re in.

Big Mack……Big Pete Mack


Has a thing about football, could’ve played AFL,

But he kicks other goals now with stories he tells.

‘Bout the ways of this world and the way that he feels,

You can still make the trip if you’re missing some wheels.

Big Mack……Big Pete Mack


So if you feel the urge on a quiet Sunday morn,

This could be your best offer of being reborn.

Try a slice of believing and a taste of ‘Big Mack’,

Odds on you’ll recover and a cert you’ll be back.

Big Mack……Big Pete Mack


 Mike Smith

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