Our Number 10

It is strange how a number often becomes a part of your life

It can influence you, your children and your wife.

I saw it first as a child, it was way back when

The number on our letterbox was a shiny big ten.


I learned of the Ten Commandments, the laws of life,

Of the ten wise virgins staying out of strife.

We are asked to tithe a tenth of our wage,

Ten cents or ten dollars, only God can guage.


I wore that number on my back at football

My basketball singlet had that number and all.

Ten is a number I always pick for gold lotto,

Stick with number ten is always my motto.


Ten o’clock Mass that Sunday in eighty-two

A new priest was coming who, we hadn’t a clue.

From Corinda a parish South of the river

Would come our new preacher, our faith to deliver.


Fr Brian was with us for 10 years and a bit

Before it became his turn to quit.

He taught us to love no matter what our age,

For us he became a 10 on our gauge.


He was a large, happy man who smiled quite a lot

Was slow but sincere, definitely not a big shot.

Had a deep faith which he showed to us all

Attended all our parties, we all had a ball.


Our ‘gentle giant’, liked his tea in a mug

Each time you met him you’d get a hug.

His tight embrace and his willingness to share

                                 Was his way of giving each a special prayer.


For us it was a period of family effervescence,

The kids were growing through adolescence.

His wisdom gave us courage as we sagged in morale

He pointed to Jesus and how to love unconditional.


As I survey the canvas of my life

The good times, the bad, the fun and the strife,

There is a light that shines out among all men

It’s our Fr Brian, he is up there at number ten.


I’m Peter Mack and that’s how it is.

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