The Miracle of the Peanut

I was just the size of a peanut
When you first cast your eyes on me.
Bobbing around inside you,
Like a bottle in the sea.

When God chose to bless your union,
It was then I came into being.
With fingers and toes and even a nose,
Soon I’ll be hearing and seeing.

                    The peanut became Lily Jane

From now on I’ll forever change your life.
I may be small but there is no doubt
We’ll have so much fun together,
Just playing and mucking about.

When we are three, you’ll think of me
With things you do and things you buy.
But I’ll only ever be on your mind
On the days that end in Y.

Thanks for wanting me as part of the team.
And letting me write this and wax lyrical.
But once we get through the birthing bit,
I’ll always be your very special miracle.

Love “Peanut”

I’m Peter Mack and that’s the way it is.

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