It is strange how some people you meet in life seem to enjoy placing more emphasis on your mistakes and minor indiscretions than on your achievements.  It’s as if they want to ensure their superiority over you by ‘putting you down’.

There are nice ways of counselling others and helping them realise they have made a mistake.  We should always be aware, none of us are perfect. 

While others might make mistakes we would never dream of making, ridicule will only tend to make them look for excuses to support their actions, rather than find ways to ensure their mistakes are not repeated.

People who try to lord it over others, can tend to be insecure within themselves.  Often they can be jealous of other people’s achievements and even feel threatened by them.

If we want to criticise others, we should first turn to those areas in our own life where others could criticise us.  Perhaps this might allow us to look a little more kindly on other people’s mistakes.

We can be helped a lot by being corrected, but we can be helped a lot more by being encouraged.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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