Our Lives

Throughout our lives we struggle and we smile; we laugh and we cry; we suffer and we celebrate.

As we grow in age and wisdom, each of us has a different story to relate about our individual journeys.  Our stories are depicted on a canvas that tells of hardships and pain, courage and perseverance, strength and endurance.  They relate how we have experienced periods of deep sorrow as well as times of great joy.

Each chapter in our book of life contains examples of how we have tried, failed and tried again until we have succeeded; how we have had big wins and suffered sad losses and how we have loved and been loved in return

During our journey it soon becomes evident that for our survival, we all need some form of help and support from others.  For our life can be lonely and made virtually impossible if we attempt to travel it alone.

As we tread the pathways of our lives, it is important, as part of our travel, we reach out to those we meet who are in need.  For so often, we ourselves find the help and support we need when others reach out to us.

If we consciously decide to love and look out for one another, we’re offering the most precious gift we have in our possession – the gift of ourselves.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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