What an amazing God we have!

The Bible’s Old Testament is full of stories that lead up to the coming of Jesus. There are many references to ‘the coming of the Messiah’. However, the long-persecuted Jews could only see the ‘Messiah’ as a mighty king who would free them from the persecution they had suffered down through the ages.

What the Jews didn’t realise was that their ‘mighty king’ would be a male infant who was the ‘Word made flesh’ who came to dwell among them. Hence Jesus was difficult for them to accept because he didn’t fit their expectations.

The New Testament gives us the words Jesus left for us so we might lead a good life so we might come to love and understand the God of our creation. It also gives us the letters his followers wrote based on their experiences and understanding of Jesus’ words.

So, who was this ‘Word made flesh’ before taking on a human form? We can find the answer at the very beginning of John’s Gospel. “The Word was with God and the Word was God”.

Whatever we see as the beginning of our world as we know it. Albeit a big bang or a series of creation activities, our God already existed.

It certainly is easier for us humans to recognise specifics that have a beginning and an end, but it is not so easy to understand something that has been in existence forever and will never have an end. Such is our ‘Amazing God’.

Ah, but wait! There are other amazing things about our God.

I know it is hard to come to grips with, but we need to realise that our God is available to all of us 24/7. Here am I, just a speck of dust in God’s universe, yet I am treated like royalty. Jesus said he ‘would not leave us orphans’, he would send us his Spirit to be with us for as long as we live. So, what does this mean?

There are not many sceptics around who do not believe in the ‘spirit world’ in some form or another. Christians who follow the New Testament must believe in the spirit world.

So, it is through the ‘Spirit of Jesus’ that we have a constant companion. It seems so much easier to relate to the humanity of Jesus than to Jesus as God. For it is in the human form that we can envisage the man. Hence, our Amazing God gives us this wonderful avenue of communication.

It would be easy to think that God has so much to do that a plaintive cry from little ol’ me wouldn’t see the light of day.  As for requesting a personal chat! Would this be too much to ask, considering what must be our God’s busy heavenly schedule?

Now this is the ‘amazing’ part of our God…… Constant availability.

When things in our life go wrong, we can get anxious, we can worry, we can lose our temper, punch holes in walls and even cry. However, none of these actions will fix the problem.

Talking through our concerns with a friend can often help us understand the problem better. That friend can be the human kind or the spiritual kind. Our Amazing God so wants to be that spiritual friend.

With faith comes trust and so the handing over of our problems to what appears to be an empty seat beside us requires us to believe in the words of Jesus in the New Testament. Firstly, we must believe and secondly, we must trust that our Amazing God will take our concern on board and help resolve the problem.

Often, we already have, what we consider the answer to our problem and wonder why this course of action was not that taken when the situation is resolved. This is often the reason why we question whether this so-called Amazing God even exists. Our busy little human brain cannot always see the broader picture that God sees, so we must trust that whatever action we might (or might not) be led to take will be the right one.

Prior to Christmas, as we prepare to once again celebrate the coming of Jesus into our world, let us find the time for a little one-on-one chat with the bloke who has already suffered and died for us and who will come back again in glory at some time in the future. Our God is waiting and longs for us to say, “g’day, Lord, we need to talk”.

I’m Peter mack and that’s how I feel.

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