My support, my strength, my love…

In looking back over the past 60 plus years since I first met you, the love of my life, I can’t help but be eternally grateful to our God for bringing us together.  You have always been the strength and the joy that has enabled me to live a happy life.

We have been married now for over 50 years during which we have had many wonderful shared adventures. We have raised our three kids, whom we love dearly. Sure, like most marriages, we have had to endure the tough times but there have also been so many fun times and through it all our marriage and our love for each other has not only survived but got stronger.

Ursula I am forever conscious of the depth and sincerity of your love and honour you for presenting me with this everlasting gift.

Years ago we might have been young and very inexperienced in the ways of love but we were old enough to kindle the flame of commitment.  We have enjoyed life together, we have enjoyed travel adventures together, we have just enjoyed being together. We have prayed together, we have cried together and through it all we have never stopped loving each other.

During the tough times you have held on to me and fused me with the strength of your love.  Without you I know my life could never have been so richly blessed.  You have put up with many of my infantile issues and you have encouraged me to follow my dreams. You have always believed in me and without your constant help and support, the realisation of my dreams could never have been achieved.

While I have often gone off on tangents following my ideas, you have always had your feet firmly planted on the ground.  You have allowed me to fly into the clouds in pursuit of some of my more ambitious schemes and you have always been there to patiently ease me back to earth and reality.

Thank you for being the mother of our children and for always being there for them and for me. You have embraced your role as grandma and shared your deep love with our grandchildren. Like you have done over the years with our children and myself, you have considered everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. You have taught me many things about love, patience, perseverance and humility and this has deeply enhanced my personality and my approach to other people and to life itself.

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I love being with you and sharing our adventures together.  I love running my fingers through the softness of your hair and lying beside you as you sleep.  I thank you for your wisdom and your caring nature and look forward with great joy to sharing the rest of my life with you whom I love so much.

Happy Birthday my love.

Pete XXX

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