Surviving with love

So often at wedding celebrations we hear the words Paul wrote to the Corrinthians concerning LOVE. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”.

Paul was a bachelor and I wonder if he really understood how difficult it would be for couples today to survive with all the pressures of life that surrounds us. There is a constant call for couples to sacrifice much of their own personal desires in order to maintain a loving relationship together.

When life deals us hard blows, it is so much easier to be able to face the situations and work through the problems together. When the kids get sick or there is a death in the family or one of our adolescents tangles with the law, our love for each other can unite us and help us face the situation together.

Even though love in a relationship should be more the giving than receiving, it is easy to understand how a couple might get to the point where they seriously consider giving up on the relationship. While we sometimes might dislike things about our partner’s actions, this does not have to affect the unconditional love we have for each other.

Love is more deep-seated than emotional concerns. Love is not just a feeling; these can come and go. Love is a definite decision.

Our prayer together should be that our God will help us love and care for each other, accept each other’s differences and help us make our love grow stronger.

Hopefully, this will enable us to happily face the future together, for it is my belief we all ‘need love to survive’.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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