So, you have a sick friend and you pray for that friend to be healed. Your faith tells you your prayer has been heard, yet your friend remains sick with no apparent signs of change for the better.

The longer this situation continues, the more frustrating it can become for you. First, you start to question whether your prayer has fallen on deaf ears. You ask yourself whether your God is really listening or perhaps is too busy attending to other’s prayers for more important needs.

Sometimes you might even feel you are insignificant in the overall scheme of things and your prayers are down the bottom of God’s ‘to do’ list. You might question your faith or even the existence of God. You could even start questioning whether the non-believers might have got it right after all.

As humans, how easily we can be disillusioned because things don’t happen for us when we want them and the way we want them to happen. We have become an instant society and because we can get instant answers by ‘asking Siri’ or typing our question into a computer search engine, we might tend to forget our God looks well beyond our instant expectations.

Let us be prepared to persevere in our prayer and understand that the healing of our sick friend is happening, in God’s way and time – not ours.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.