Technology unveiled

Have you ever had to replace the operating system in your computer?  To put it mildly, the exercise can be a pain in the proverbial unless you take the necessary preparatory steps. You know when this problem is becoming imminent because, like a sick car battery, your PC starts actin’ up ‘ornery. It’s a sure sign that something within is corrupted and needs either repair or replacement.

Before attempting such a major procedure, it is wise to ensure you save copies of your documents, photos, emails and contacts lists so after the system has been replaced you can continue using your PC as before.

Sometimes we might feel like we would like to wipe clean our inner slate and start life anew. Like our computer, there are many parts to our past life we don’t want to wipe, but we can easily become aware our personal operating system needs some attention.

It is good occasionally to take time out to closely examine how well we are leading the life given to us on this earth. Are we using the talents with which we have been gifted to help others, or are we only interested in using them to promote ourselves? What ideas have we learn’t from other sources that would improve the way we live and how can we adapt them for our personal use? Have we ever given ourselves time to consider where our life might be leading us?

Giving ourselves the time and opportunity to review how our own personal operating system is performing can improve our effectiveness and help us maintain optimum performance in the future.

Most times we will find we don’t need to download a whole new lifestyle. We just need to get the life we’ve got into a more balanced perspective. Just like we would do if we defragmented our computer.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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