Let’s talk texting

Not so many years ago we only had the telephone to contact our friends.  Today, we can keep in constant communication with our so-called friends using modern technology. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to talk to our friends at all.

For some, answering the phone is considered a stressful operation, especially when there is no indication as to who is making the call. This can cause a panic situation where we could worry about what we might be required to say or decisions we may be required to make.

Today’s technology enables us to type as we talk using a text message, email and other apps such as Facebook messenger or Wots App, to name just a couple. If we wish, this allows us to edit what we write so we get the message sent in a perfect form. When it is received, an immediate response is expected. All this without any face or voice contact.

With our head down constantly writing and replying to messages on our mobile phone with people, who may be perhaps in the same room, we allow life to pass us by and we can become oblivious to what is happening in the world around us.

When we verbally communicate there is so much we can learn about each other. Our voice can be a window to our emotions, and this can determine the depth of our responses. The best texting can do in this regard is to offer us emojis that may or may not be a suitable emotive gesture.

Obviously, a text reminding us of a future appointment can be beneficial but when we make eye contact with a friend and speak together, surely this is a more practical way of using the voice we have been gifted with.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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