It was tough going in the gym as the team members used the facilities to build up their strength. They knew that working out would assist their performance and ability when they took the field to face their opposition.

Sweating and straining the body to build up muscle and improve one’s physique and endurance isn’t the only way to define the word ‘strength’.

When we apply for a job, we list our personal strengths, giving our future employer a better understanding of our qualities.  We can list strengths such as, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, patience, determination and honesty.

An engineer’s understanding of ‘strength’ is based on the capacity of an object, such as a bridge, to withstand great force or pressure.  Strength can also relate to the influence or power possessed by a person or organisation.

The degree of intensity of a person’s feeling or belief is often referred to as a ‘particular strength’. Strength can also come from the support we get from our friends when life sometimes becomes difficult.

Our strength can also come from within us when we find we are required to persevere in the face of adversity. This inner strength helps us develop a determination and allows us to overcome difficult situations.

Overall, it seems strength is the product of struggle. So, while we may not have rippling muscles, we can work on being strong in so many other ways.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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