Wake up

As citizens of Australia many of us need to wake up from our complacency. Our life is eroding away with every tick of the clock and yet we keep finding excuses to keep busy.  It is as if we are frightened of what might happen if we were to stop and ask ourselves what our life is really all about.

A lifetime can be measured, but eternity is endless. However, it seems how we spend that eternity is directly related to what we do here on earth during our lifetime.

Perfect peace cannot be found in anything of this world. No amount of money or possessions can buy it and no variety of drugs can induce it.  In this world our trust in other humans can often lead us up dry gullies. Greed, money and sex are seen by many as their God and the major concern of many of us Aussies is only for ourselves.

It is time to cast off the apathy that abounds in this sun-drenched country of ours and allow ourselves to find peace.  We have been graced with this land of Australia, yet we shy away from recognising and accepting how we managed to be planted here.

If we fit this category, let’s make a genuine attempt to try and change our apathetic approach to life now.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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