The Soul Survival Company

Deep within our very selves there exists a thriving little business called The Soul Survival Company.

The General Manager is Jesus who has said He will be with us always. He took up his position along with the Spirit when we were baptised. Of course, The Father is there as well to take submissions and determine what action should be taken as a result of the various requests that come in from time to time.

Jesus manages the day-to-day activities and is constantly available for consultations and the dispensing of free advice. Because we can only get to The Father through Him, He makes available this direct avenue for us whenever we ask. The Spirit is always on hand to inject specific gifts as required and works closely with Jesus and The Father.

The Soul Survival Company’s general office work is conducted by our Guardian Angel who also has the security role. Whoever was appointed to this position has been active on our behalf since our birth and set up the office while waiting for our Baptism to occur.

Our Guardian Angel is also responsible for connecting us with other Saints with whom we wish to relate at a specific time or for a specific purpose. There are direct lines to Mary and others we might require on a regular basis, such as St Anthony, when we lose things, St Joseph when we need assistance with our work and other family member Saints who are well versed in our specific needs.

It certainly is a busy little private company we have embedded within each one of us and each of the operational staff really enjoy our recognition of their presence. Should this occur both first thing in the morning and last thing at night as well as numerous times during our day the staff would be most impressed and always willing to assist as required.

Sadly, some of the Soul Survival Companies in some of us don’t always get the recognition they deserve. However, the staff eagerly await any call to action that might be forthcoming.

So, let’s ensure we keep our individual Company staff on their toes by being ever aware of the Company presence and let’s not forget to always thank them for their work on our behalf.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s how I feel.

May 2020

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