Easter in Aus

The supermarkets give us ample warning that Easter is approaching.  Hot cross buns, chocolate novelties and eggs of all sizes and colours are given highly visible promotional locations throughout the stores.

For some people this is what the season of Easter is all about.  For others, the season has a deeply religious meaning.  It is a time to think about the sacrifice a man called Jesus made for the principles in which he believed.

Perhaps we could spend a portion of the holiday break counting our lucky stars we are living here in Australia.  A democratic country not ravaged by war, border conflicts or ethnic cleansing.

Yet, are we really the lucky country, when we see around us our youth sacrificing themselves to drug addiction and providing the statisticians with one of the highest suicide rates in the world.  Domestic violence and homelessness are becoming serious problems and racism continues to fester. 

Are we too busy looking after our own adult interests and perhaps lost in the Aussie ‘I’m all right Jack’ mentality, to notice that there are many people in our community who are crying out for help in different ways?  They not only need our support but they need hope and encouragement just to survive.

The man who died on the cross 2000 years ago left behind him a message that spoke of love and caring for one another.  Perhaps this Easter could be the time when we look a little closer at that message and what it might mean today to each one of us here in this country of ours.

Perhaps we might look beyond just having a holiday from work and filling ourselves with chocolate. Perhaps we could resolve to do something positive that might help some of those less fortunate with whom we come in contact within our own communities.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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