So often we read in Scripture where the Apostles tried to shield Jesus from different types of people, as if they were unacceptable or they felt Jesus was tired and shouldn’t have to be confronted by the likes of children, tax collectors, prostitutes and recognised sinners.

Jesus however, rebuked them saying, “Let them come”.

We can learn from this that God doesn’t judge who might or might not be worthy of His friendship. He promised to always be with us and to love us unconditionally.

It seems our God wants everyone, regardless of morality, age, culture or beliefs to come and enjoy His unconditional love and creation. He obviously wants to share Himself abundantly with anyone who genuinely seeks to have Him become part of their lives.

So as ordinary, everyday people that then becomes the challenge for us to accept or reject.

Just because some people we meet might be different from us doesn’t mean that Jesus wouldn’t want to share a meal with them.

If Jesus wouldn’t reject them, why then should we?

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith

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