Who am I

  ‘I’m searching for my true self’ is a phrase often heard by those wondering about themselves and who they really are.

   You hear of people journeying to other countries in order to find themselves on the slopes of the Himalayas or among the gurus of India.  Most times they return, supposedly better for the experience, probably somewhat poorer financially, but still asking themselves the same questions.

   Our life’s experiences are like a collection of poetry.  Some flow along in a simple rhyming format with a regular pattern like the wheels of a train rolling over the joins in a railway line.  While we all know that verse doesn’t have to have a regular rhyming pattern to still be classified as poetry, then so it often is with our life’s experiences.

During our life we have experienced highs and lows.  We have achieved and we have failed.  Throughout it all we have gained knowledge, understanding and wisdom. 

So the canvas of our life contains our own poetry collection of experiences, both good and bad, both positive and negative, our achievements and our failures.  After examining this collection, we could say we are more aware of ‘What we are.’

If we can find a quiet spot on our own, we can consider how we have reacted to various activities in this collection in the past and how in some situations we might react differently today. The answers we come up with will help us go a long way to being able to understand ‘Who we are.’

By concentrating more on our positive reactions we can really get to like and better understand the image we see in the mirror.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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