Mums are God’s special agents

When you think about it, God had a bit of work to do in creating the first man and woman. So much so, He decided he needed a rest and in future He would leave the human creation process to mums.

This amazing world, with all its beauty and wonder was ours and it was up to us to populate the planet. While the male of the species had a relatively minor role to play, the major responsibility was handed to the mums who became God’s Special Agents.

Given the ability to enable a new human to develop and grow within their own body, a woman must be especially blessed to be able to carry out this function. It is a role she is being prepared for from her earliest days and I sometimes wonder whether the significance of the important role she has been given is recognised, not only by males, but also by females themselves.

Carrying and giving birth to a child is not an easy task and comes with considerable hardship and pain. Males in general, all agree, it would be a responsibility we would prefer not to have.

Our God must especially bless all the mums who undertake to fulfill this role, and I would think there is a special place in heaven for the mums of this world.

Of course, not every female is destined to be a mother. Some have been given other important roles to undertake. The same can be said for us blokes, who fatherhood is not to be their thing. But one important aspect we, as males, need to consider is the important function our females have been given. We need to respect them more than some of us do and appreciate the special gift they have been given.

Mother’s Day in Heaven, I reckon would be a major celebration, because, while we down here might tend, at times, to take motherhood for granted, I bet God sees the wonder and beauty in the mums who, in my opinion, would get special blessings for being God’s Special Agents in populating the earth given to us.

When we look back, all our childhood experiences will differ, but many of us remember our mum’s calm wise words and warm loving hugs. She was there, giving us the self-confidence to face the world and helping us believe in ourselves. I think what most of us can learn from our mum is how to define unconditional love.

While Mother’s Day sees our kids giving their mum special attention on this day, I think us dads should also see the day as special as well and join in the celebrations. The love they have shared has been an important contribution to what their children share with their mum on Mother’s Day.

I’m Pete and that’s faith.

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